Wednesday 12/7 Scrum Notes

Preparing for Friday’s Open House FRIDAY 7-8

Lessons and Carols Thursday call for choir 4:15pm

What will we exhibit FRIDAY?

Drive train

  • BLUE  – mechnical done, circuit board built, needs to be mounted. Motors connect to Talon yet?
  • WHITE – electronics board isn’t on the mechanicals.
  • 1st Chair Bot – needs driver code and battery mount


  • Troubleshooting compressor, RIO setup.  Software mismatch between 2015 and Eclipse. Need to wipe and reload for 2016 (4 hour job) Doing that tonight.

Clean Up

  • Dismantled all the stuff on shop shelves. Working  on new storage. Need better put-away discipline.
  • Store room boxes are being sorted and places devised for each of them.

Open House

  • Video finished
  • Finalize the Program for the evening.
  • Sorted T shirts, found swag
  • A Brown is arranging food from Flik
  • Awaiting acrylic at loading dock (Harry K checking)
  • Conrad is working on CAD a welcome to 3566 sign for laser etching. Name tags?

Organizing & training robot Battery charging w/ Sammy & helper

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