Monday 12/5 Scrum Notes

Drive Train


  • ¾ of the Way done (think then will have it mechanically
  • Next Thing is Software (Colin)


  • working on circuit board (soldering CAN Bus )

External Affairs

  • Lot of People laser cutting, which is great.
  • Have design for give-away
  • About to send out a letter to old sponsors
  • Working on new letter
  • Next: Tomorrow Safety Video (Pop Quiz)
  • Look into Credly for tool accreditation


  • Today — Securing Electronics Board
  • Took safety steps for actuator
  • Gillian and Jiwon is working on software (some compiling issues)]
  • Thinking about what to do to show
  • Next: Reimage RoboRio
  • Run software do testing.


  • Most of CS people were on other projects.
  • CCR set up project on Robot builder to test right and left sweeps of drivetrain to work with vision system (Targeting!!!)


  • Aidan, Nicki, Sammy, Rachel Ivy Conrad looked at how to cut a gear
  • How to cut from a photo…
  • How to cut gears

Clean Up (Ariah)

  • Lot of things get mixed up….This is a problem
  • Next: keeps organizing
  • What stands in way … lot of parts
  • (we need better day-to-day procedure for keeping organized)

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