Friday 12/2 Scrum Notes

Drive Train

  • White Drive train totally finished (assembly, mechanical)
  • Nothing standing on our way
  • Next Step is wiring/ get electronic components
  • Blue ½ way done
  • Nothing standing on our way
  • Finish assembly

Clean Up

  • Working towards the back wall of the workshop
  • Giving parts to Arriah who sorts
  • 3rd Drill Press Workin’ (intended to set up for xy)
  • Table Saw needs a home…

External Affairs

  • Looking at idea for Swag — possible bumper sticker
  • Low quality for 0.15c of $4
  • Ivy finished slide show — found footage — Somewhat successful experiments!…


  • Was working tree lighting thing will get back to vision
  • Had limited success…(Syntax and logic issues) Robots won’t quit
  • Tried to solve a problem in a day


  • Have system assembled according to FRC spec
  • NEED programming people to make a little program to drive


  • Ken/Kate working with it think they can make poly carb gears


  • Introduction to CAD opportunity

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