Thursday 12/1 Scrum Notes

Cleaning/Fixing Squad -Thayer

  • Fixed Allen Wrench Kit
  • Sorting Tools
  • Dismantled Last year’s practice chassis


  • Rearranged Set Up (added regulator etc, so it’s legal)
  • Doing Wiring


  • Colin Working on Code for First Robot
  • Computer issues — On Connectivity to Robot
  • Some work on Grip
  • Next: Get second computer(s) working

Drive Train Tyreese White Team

  • Got Wheel Sides done
  • Finishing frames (Churros)
  • Next: Doing outside of the frame

External Affairs

  • Still Working on Open House
  • Made Blurb for Dean’s Weekly
  • Solidified plan for open house
  • More work on emails going out to sponsors

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