Wednesday 11/30 Scrum Notes


  1. Announcements
    • Safety
      • Big white first aid kit next to the emergency lab shower
      • Call 911 (if it’s an emergency)
      • Otherwise, Tell. An. Adult. Go to health services (with someone)
      • Hair up and back (same with neckties, sweatshirt strings, earrings, etc.)
      • Closed toed shoes
      • Safety glasses ALL. THE. TIME. (on the door)
      • Sawdust needs to be swept up (makes the floors STUPID slippery)
    • Tunes
      • Do we need a social contract?
    • Cleaning
      • Yay to those who cleaned up first!
      • “If you’ve got time to lean, you’ve got time to clean”
      • Don’t create a new organization – ASK FIRST (Robotics Room: ask Mr. Roche! Machine Shop: ask Mr. Wells! Digitally: ask Mr. Battis!)
    • GroupMe
      • Coming soon to an inbox near you!
  2. Scrum
    1. What did you do today?
    2. What are you planning to do (when you arrive tomorrow)?
    3. What obstacles stand in your way?

Click the Gantt Chart to see more details.

Drive Trains

Team Blue

Zenia, Denzel, Casey, Ariah

  • Started in on the side rails
  • Connected the motor
  • About to connect the wheels and the sides and put it together

POST-SCRUM CHECK: tools left out, possibly 1/3 done?

Team White

David, Will, Tyreese

  • Almost done with the drive train
  • Need to attach the wheels and the frame

POST-SCRUM CHECK: good tool clean-up, but project not packed away (need space for classes), possibly 1/3 done?

Pneumatics Board

Edward, Harry, Stephen

  • Physically connected the board (almost)
  • Tomorrow, connect up the wires, start in on coding (check with Vision team re: development environments)
  • Mr. Wells: check on safety specs (cf. FRC rules)


Jason, Colin, Jiwon, Gillian, Sammy

  • Setting up development stations
  • Got a chassis hooked up (with vision!)
  • Need to replace the RoboRIO on the second chassis tomorrow
  • Need to make vision targets
  • Mr. Wells: What do we do about the mount for the new cameras? Too wiggly.
  • Mr. Roche: 3D print a mount?

POST-SCRUM CHECK: tools, wires, trash left out

External Affairs

Kate, Conrad, Ivy, Rachel

  • Made a plan for the open house
  • Updated some social media
  • Sent out open house invitations
  • Edited a letter to potential sponsors (and past sponsors and parents)
  • Tomorrow: assign roles and responsibilities for Open House, make a slide show, write Kate’s speech
  • Further down the road: make a plan for scouting

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