Policy & Vision

Our community is uniquely poised to model behaviors and solutions to our environmental challenges and equip our students with the skills, knowledge, and ethics to be purposefully engaged environmental stewards and leaders.
– John Warren, Head of School

Definition of Sustainability
St. Mark’s has defined sustainability as the imperative to live within the limits of our natural resources in order to ensure long term ecological health, social justice, and economic viability.

Sustainability Policy Statement (Board of Trustees)
In valuing cooperation over self-interest and recognizing our role as global citizens, St. Mark’s School actively fosters environmental stewardship and sustainable development in its education, planning and practices.

Vision Statement for Sustainability
Through thought, action, and leadership the entire community will be purposefully engaged in sustainability during and after their time at St. Mark’s. Sustainability will be the lens through which we make decisions by effectively balancing the environmental, social, and economic impacts of our actions. In this way, sustainability will be embedded in our culture and reflected in our character and thus model the behavior we wish to instill in our students as local, regional, and global citizens. Progress reports will track, measure, and communicate goals and metrics outlined in the Sustainability Plan.

Supporting Documentation


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