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Strategic Plan:
Co-created by stakeholders across campus, the Sustainability Strategic Plan is a manifestation of the School’s deep commitment to sustainability, weaving sustainability thinking, behaviors, and action into existing campus operations, engagement, education, and governance. The Plan serves as a roadmap for St. Mark’s sustainability initiative, outlining goals, strategies, and metrics in line with the values of the school and its strategic initiatives to build upon the existing sustainability accomplishments to date and expand the initiative. Click here to download a copy of the Strategic Sustainability Plan. Below you will find the ten domains of the Plan along with a goal from each domain.

[Sustainability Strategic Plan]

Domain of Plan Sample Goal
Climate and Energy Conduct a Greenhouse Gas Inventory and develop a phased Energy Conservation Plan to increase efficiency, address retrofits, and explore renewable energy projects
Waste Reduction and Recycling Increase recycling rate by 10% by Academic Year (AY) 2019–20 from AY 2015-2016 Levels
Water Reduce campus-wide water usage by 10% by AY 2019–20 from AY 2015–16 potable water
Food and Dining Develop and adopt a formal sustainable food and dining purchasing policy by AY 2020–21
Landscape Management Create and adopt written guidelines that outline St. Mark’s Sustainable Landscape Management practices by AY 2019–20
Supply Chain Management Create a campus wide sustainable purchasing policy
Governance Incorporate sustainability expectations into employee roles
Investment Define and publish St. Mark’s philosophy on investments through exploring the linkage between St. Mark’s mission, values, sustainability goals, and investments by AY 2016–17

Sustainability Steering Committee
Formalized in August 2015, the Sustainability Steering Committee, Chaired by the Sustainability Coordinator, is the campus collective involved in designing and implementing sustainability initiatives. Committee membership has representation from across campus life and is comprised of students, faculty, staff, administrators, and trustees to ensure inclusivity and sustainability leadership throughout all areas of campus. The Committee meets monthly to discuss the initiative and oversee the implementation of projects and the Sustainability Strategic Plan.

Sustainability Coordinator
Lindsey Lohwater, science faculty and Chair of the Science Department, serves as the Sustainability Coordinator at St. Mark’s School. She facilitates S4S, and Chairs the Sustainability Steering Committee.

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