Waste Diversion

Waste does not exist in natural systems. Reduce, reuse, and recycle is the order in which St. Mark’s approaches waste diversion.

  • Recycling: In 2015 a comprehensive single stream recycling program was installed throughout campus (increasing the School’s recycling rate to 26%)
  • E-waste recycling: St. Mark’s recycling contractor, E.L. Harvey & Sons, provides all e-waste recycling services. Electrical devices are collected and disassembled for parts that can be reused in new machines or materials that can be recycled into new products. E-waste is defined as computers, hard drives, office electronic equipment, entertainment device electronics, mobile phones, and television sets.
  • Light Bulb and Battery recycling: Beginning in 2016, St. Mark’s began a partnership with Veolia environmental services for the express purpose of recycling light bulbs and batteries on campus.  
  • Food Waste Diversion: Rather than being sent to the landfill, food waste generated in the Dining Hall is sent to Hidden Acres Farm in Medway, Massachusetts, a local pig farm.
  • Green Move Out: S4S organizes an annual Green Move Out at the end of the school year where students can bring items they no longer need (fans, comforters, clothing items, and more) to a central location on campus where they are available for faculty, staff, and students to take and re-use. Those items left over are donated to local charities.

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