• Energy
    One of the most impactful energy projects undertaken on the St. Mark’s campus was the steam plant renovation, switching from oil to natural gas (a cleaner burning fuel than oil), and switching to LED lighting across 75% of campus. One of the more recent measures was the replacement of St. Mark’s gas powered
    Zamboni with a used electric Zamboni. In addition, there is a 10% allocation of the annual capital budget directed towards investing in energy efficiency, and the School is proud to have launched a solar ground mounted photovoltaic system in 2017 which generates approximately 800,000 kWh, equivalent to powering 25% of St. Mark’s total electricity usage. For environmental, social, and economic reasons, energy management and innovation are core priorities of St. Mark’s School.
  • Renewable Energy:
    “Ground Mounted Solar System Goes Live”
    St. Mark’s new ground mounted solar system will generate approximately 800,000 kWh, the equivalent of powering 25% of the School’s total annual electricity consumption. Real time data on power generation from the solar field will be relayed to a monitor in the STEM Center on the Main Campus so students can monitor and track energy data for analysis in environmental science classes. Read more on the solar field in our blog post here.
  • STEM building features
    • Reduction in storm water run-off and on-site pollution through:
      • Reduced building footprint (38%) as compared to previous science building
      • Reduction in impervious site use (9%)
    • Use of recycled/natural/long-life materials throughout the project – concrete, flooring, roofing
    • High efficiency HVAC system
    • Thermally effective building envelope
    • Reduced solar heat gain glass
    • Low flow plumbing fixtures – reducing water volume use and waste
    • LED lighting with vacancy sensors – reducing power consumption
  • St. Mark’s is increasing energy efficiency through LED lighting installations, replacing older windows with Energy Star certified ones, read a blog post on this here.

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