Shake and Fold

In the Students for Sustainability club at St. Mark’s, we have been working on a number of projects. One of these has been reducing the amount of paper towels used on campus by encouraging community members to use only one paper towel when drying their hands. We decided to adopt the strategy promoted by the Shake and Fold paper towel waste reduction campaign. By shaking your hands twelve times after washing and then folding the paper towel in half, only one paper towel is needed. To remember the number twelve Shake and Fold encourages people to think of a dozen eggs, the twelve Apostles, or the twelve months of the year. Members of S4S put up stickers in restrooms around campus displaying the steps and made announcements to spread the word to the community. The reason this project was made a priority for this school year because of the large impact such a small change can have on the environment. Paper towels for one are not recyclable once used, which leads to over 6 million tons of paper towels littering the landfills every year. Limiting our paper towel usage with the Shake and Fold method will therefore allow us to help relieve this environmental concern.

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