Solar at St. Mark’s!

As you stroll through West Campus, St. Mark’s new ground mounted solar system may catch your eye. This renewable energy project is estimated to generate approximately 800,000 kWh, the equivalent of powering 25% of the School’s total annual electricity consumption. To build the solar system, St. Mark’s partnered with SolarCity, in a twenty year power purchase agreement (PPA). In a PPA arrangement, SolarCity installs and maintains the solar panels and sells the electricity to the Grid, and St. Mark’s benefits from a reduced electricity rate per kWh from its utility provider. Real time data on power generation from the solar field will be relayed to a monitor in the STEM Center on the Main Campus so students can monitor and track energy data for analysis in environmental science classes. The installation of this field is part of the School’s commitment to sustainability and one of the goals outlined in its Sustainability Strategic Plan (found here).

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