Philosophy of St. Mark’s Saturdays
St. Mark's Saturdays offer students and faculty an innovative opportunity to engage in relevant, developmentally appropriate academic, service, and character and wellness coursework. At the core of each St. Mark's Saturdays offering is a belief in the power of experience to transform student understanding. As students progress through the curriculum of St. Mark's Saturdays, they will further develop academic and social-emotional competencies through hands-on work with authentic, “real world” challenges. To the greatest degree possible, St. Mark's Saturdays offerings will leverage the physical and intellectual resources of the surrounding area, including opportunities to use the broader community as our classroom

Overview of Program Structure

  • *St. Mark’s Saturdays core and elective courses will run in three seasons: Fall, Winter, Spring.

  • *Students will enroll in the Core Course for their Form in one of those seasons, and in Elective Courses for the remaining two seasons. To support the developmental emphasis of the program, elective courses will be offered to the III and IV forms together, and to the V and VI forms together.
  • *Courses will meet 7 times in each season (seasons will average about 10 weeks).

  • *Saturdays not containing course programming will be designated either as “Open” (no athletic contests that afternoon) or “Sleep-In” (no morning classes, but afternoon athletic contests).

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