When and where do we get information on Prize Day?
Information is posted here and linked on the web in February.
Ms. Karen Bryant will have a meeting with the VI Form prior to Spring Break.

When do we receive our Prize Day Invitations?
Invitations will be mailed out in early April.

How many invitations does each family get?
Each family will receive 10 invitations.  If additional invitations are needed, please contact Marissa Papazian (marissapapazian@stmarksschool.org) or 508-786-6104 and she will send them to you.  

Do you need an invitation or tickets to attend Prize Day?
No.   Invitations or tickets are not required to attend Prize Day.

What if we need overnight accommodations?
There are a number of hotels close to the school and those can be found under accommodations by clicking here.

What about special needs accommodation and accessibility seating?
Please let Marissa Papazian (marissapapazian@stmarksschool.org or 508-786-6104) know if you have a  family member who needs special access and we will reserve seats.  The ushers will be aware of this and will assist you when you arrive.

Can we reserve seats?
The School does not reserve seats.  You may arrive early to choose your seats however not before 7:30 a.m.

Can I take photos and videos?
Yes, you may take videos and photos.  We will have a videographer and photographer on hand as well.  We will post candid photos on the website.  You will also have an opportunity to purchase a photo of your student receiving his/her diploma.

What if it rains?
The ceremony will take place under a tent on Belmont field and will be held there rain or shine.

Where can I find the Schedule of events?
Once the schedule is finalized, it can be found on the Schedule tab and by clicking here

How do I know what events I can attend and which are by invitations or student only?
Attendees requested for each event are listed on the Schedule page by clicking here (schedule is posted once it is finalized).  The attendees are listed in parenthesis following the event name.

How should my graduating VI Former dress for the Prize Day ceremony?
Please see student attire or click here.

Which events do underformers need to attend?  Underformers are required to attend the Athletic Awards, the Handshaking ceremony at 9:00 a.m. (prior to the ceremony) and the Prize Day Graduation ceremony.

Which events may underfomers attend? Underformers may attend the Concert in the Class of 1945 Hall

What is the attire for underformers at each event they may or must attend? Underformers are to wear Chapel dress to each event.

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